Pike Fitness Gym Memberships

Clean, modern studio and equipment.

Get in the zone and crush your next workout!

Membership Options

Basic Gym Membership


  • Schedule up to one hour each day for your own workouts
  • Clean facility with new top of the line equipment
  • Small neighborhood studio with less crowds than larger gym
  • Free fitness classes when offered (excludes courses and seminars)
  • Memberships come with free app based resistance training plan to guide you through professionally designed workouts
  • Access to barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, Olympic weightlifting platforms, cable machines, TRX, cardio rowers, exercise bikes, battle ropes, slam balls, and more!

Premium Gym Membership


All the perks of a Basic Gym Membership, plus

  • A fully customized professionally designed workout plan updated every month
    – Individualized training splits based on your level of fitness
    – Customized exercise selection based abilities/likes/dislikes
    – Workout calendar based on your ideal schedule
    – Better progress tracking
    – Available via app or paper version
  • Monthly 60 minute 1-on-1 personal training sessions to go over each new personalized workout program so you know exactly what to do for your own workouts

Personal Training


Personal Training Members get the best perks

  • Free Basic Gym Membership (Save $60/mo)
  • Free custom tailored workout plan (Save $199 every three months)
  • Weekly 1-on-1 sessions for extra accountability, education, technique improvement, and a good push
  • Multiple membership options available for 1-5 sessions per week, 30 or 60 minutes per session. Sessions get cheaper the more you train per week.
  • Memberships start at just $200/mo – only $50 more than our Premium Gym Membership for weekly training!

Our studio has limited capacity, so all visits require reservations booked at least 12 hours in advance. Recurring appointments are available to guarantee your spot. All services subject to late cancel and no-show fees.

Schedule a free consultation to visit our studio and sign up in person

No long term commitments. No enrollment fees. Memberships can be canceled any time, free of charge.

Appointments Available 7 Days per Week

Monday-Thursday: 5am-9pm

Friday: 5am-6pm

Weekends: 8am-1pm

*The studio may be closed during the times above if nobody is scheduled for an appointment. No walk-ins available.

Self-guided Workouts are unsupervised and require either a day pass or gym membership.

Personal Training is supervised and guided by a professional trainer. No membership is required for personal training.

All Services require booking at least 24 hours in advance, and are subject to availability and room occupancy limitations. We reserve the right to cancel appointments at any time for any reason.