Private Bootcamps

Gather your friends and colleagues, start an exclusive bootcamp.
We come to you!

We make fitness accessible by bringing group exercise classes directly to your workplace or backyard.

boost energy & productivity in the workplace

Fitness training has incredible cognitive benefits, and has been shown to seriously improve focus, energy levels, and workflow.

reduce missed work due to injury and illness

Healthier employees are less likely to miss work due to illness and injuries, and are more present in general while on the job.

promote a fun and positive culture for employees

Exercising during the work day improves mood and strengthens team bonds, making work something to look forward to.

Wellness Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Workplace wellness programs have steadily grown in popularity over the last 20 years, and it only makes sense; healthier employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to call in sick or use vacation time for illness. While many wellness programs encourage health and fitness by subsidizing a portion of employees’ gym costs, they can fall short on accountability. By bringing our trainers directly to your workplace, you can make exercise easy, accessible, and something your employees look forward to.

Build a culture of health and happiness your employees will love.

What to expect

Although our workouts are built to suit the needs of your company, here’s what you can expect at each class:

  • One of our certified fitness professionals will arrive on location to meet you and your team at a scheduled time.
  • We will begin with a light to moderate intensity warm up to prepare for activity.
  • After everyone is warmed up, we move into the workout of the day, which typically lasts about 30-45 minutes
  • Following the workout, we will guide you through a cool down to prepare you for less activity
  • You and your team return to work feeling refreshed and invigorated, ready to attack the remainder of the day!

You’ll get

  • Safe and Balanced Exercise Programming
  • Fully Supervised Workouts
  • Workplace Specific Corrective Exercises
  • Assessments to Track and Monitor Progress
  • Full Time Support for Staff

By adding our exercise programs to your daily routine, you’ll give your employees something to get excited about. This service will get your team working hard, feeling accomplished, and enjoying sustained energy throughout the day.


  • Happier employees that love going to work
  • Less missed work due to illness and injury
  • Highly productive and energized staff
  • Less stress in the workplace
  • Improved Culture of Wellness
  • Priceless Team Building Time

Try a workout on us! Schedule a free demo for your company.

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