Vimal Maharaj, NSCA-CPTPersonal Trainer

    Consistency Gets Results

    As a fitness addict, I believe it is the best addiction one can have! Fitness teaches one the mental discipline and accountability that carries over into all aspects of life. After being trained by Jeff for a few years, I decided to pursue my NSCA credential which I received in 2019. In addition to being a personal trainer, I’m also an accountant and hold a bachelor’s degree from the University Of California Berkeley in Political Economics. I am honored to begin working with Pike Fitness and look forward to helping my clients meet their fitness goals with well-balanced programs tailored to their needs. I believe that a healthy diet combined with the correct exercises can have one feeling their best and operating at their maximum potential and I will provide the support and encouragement to my clients in need!

    • Pike Fitness Professional Trainer
    • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer since 2019
    • National CPR Foundation, CPR and AED Certified