Summer 6 Week Beach Body Challenge

This Summer

Build the Beach Body

You’ve Always Wanted

6-Week Beach Body Challenge

June 15th to July 27th, 2019 at Pike Fitness Personal Training Studio

Enroll and win up to $1,000!

3 winners. $2,250 in prizes

1st Prize – $1,000

2nd Prize – $750

3rd Prize – $500

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Build healthy habits. Earn incentives for making positive lifestyle change.

Our unique point system rewards behaviors, not outcomes. This helps promote long term change, rather than quick fix solutions that don’t last.

Earn points for:

Daily Cardio

Earn points for completing cardio workouts up to 6 days per week.

Keeping Appointments

Earn points for keeping scheduled appointments and arriving on time.

Warm-Ups & Cool Downs

Come in early to warm up, and stay around to stretch after appointments.

Food Journal

Complete a 3-day diet log, and add up calories and macronutrients for points.

Educational Courses

Attend weekly educational courses to earn while you learn.

Weekly Bonuses

Hit your goals multiple days in a row to earn weekly bonus points!

Rack up the most points over the course of 6 weeks to win!

Get ready for a life-changing fitness experience.

This program is designed to get you into amazing shape in 42 days. After it’s over, the habits and skills you build can keep you improving for years to come!

What You Get

Personalized 6-Week Program - $150

You get a workout program designed just for you, based on your own abilities and fitness level.

Unlimited Drop-in Gym Access for Cardio - $300

Drop in and complete your daily cardio training any time during open hours.

Chest Strap Heart Rate Sensor - $89.99

Get your very own Polar H10 heart rate monitor chest strap, to keep your cardio in the most effective zones.

Before and After Fitness Assessments - $100

Start with a baseline fitness assessment, and finish with another to see how far you’ve come.

How-to Guides, Cheat Sheets, & Recipes

Helpful resources take the guesswork out of getting fit, and let you focus on doing what you’ve gotta do.

Three 1-on-1 Workouts Each Week - $720

Work with a personal trainer three times each week, to perfect your technique, and stay accountable.

Five Live Educational Classes - $500

Meet each week for educational courses that will help you understand the best ways to maintain long term fitness.

Personalized Calorie Needs Worksheet - $150

Learn exactly how many daily calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need to reach your goals.

Access to Online Support Network

Join the discussion with a supportive community of peers. Getting in shape is easier when you have a support network.

Lifelong Knowledge & Skillset

At the end of the 6 weeks, you should know enough, and have all the skills you need to take control of your fitness for the rest of your life.

Over $2,000 Value

Sign up by June 8th, and get this exclusive program

for just $999 $2,009.99

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Client Testimonials

Check out what other people are saying about Pike Fitness programs and trainers.

  • Personal Training

    I retired in poor physical condition, with knee and shoulder pain, and a number of exercise-caused injuries. Jeff taught me how to exercise effectively and without injuring myself. I am very pleased with the rapid improvement in my strength and endurance. Jeff's technical knowledge and his ability to communicate exercise techniques has made a significant difference in my daily life.

    Rodger S. Benicia, CA
  • Personal Training

    I found Jeff to be very knowledgable about fitness, and health. He takes the time to make sure you understand how to perform the exercises, and what you can expect to achieve from his workouts. His workouts are designed to fit each individuals needs in order to make sure that you achieve the results that you are looking for. Professional, patient and proficient is how I would describe Jeff's fitness profile.

    Dawn P. Hercules, CA
  • SFKC Bootcamp

    Jeff is a terrific physical trainer. He is also a great motivator. His knowledge, enthusiasm and upbeat demeanor all combine to help make him very effective in getting great results from those he trains. I've been one of his clients for nearly a year and I highly recommend him!

    John G. Benicia, CA
  • Personal Training

    After having trained with a variety of personal trainers over 15 years, I am now training with Jeff and regard him as the best. He is not only knowledgeable and professional but also very much in tune with his clients, very adaptable in addressing their varying needs and abilities. He also thinks long term—each session is part of an overall plan for the client. Jeff has me doing things I pooh-poohed as possibilities when we started and he has made it fun all along the way.

    Janet H. Benicia, CA
  • Personal Training

    Jeff is an experienced, professional personal trainer. I have been his client for 3+ years. He is creative and varies the training for every session. Jeff stays current with his knowledge of the fitness field and physiology. He is quite flexible with his training style and able to work with clients of varied abilities and ages. I would highly recommend Jeff as a personal trainer for anyone. He is reliable and fantastic to work with.

    Krista K. Benicia, CA.
  • In-Home Personal Training

    Jeff provides personal training for me and my neighbor several days a week. I cannot say enough about how professional, reliable, and educational Jeff's training has been so far. In those moments when I don't think I can perform a certain exercise, Jeff's motivation and gentle pushing has helped me gain more confidence in my workout routines along with seeing fitness goal results. I highly recommend Jeff as a personal trainer and feel extremely lucky to get the opportunity to train with him.

    Tambi J. American Canyon
  • ★★★★★

    This is hands-down my favorite gym ever. The trainers are amazing. They keep an eye on everyone's form through the whole workout. They keep those working out motivated to do their best. They have used their smaller space well and have a variety of equipment. I've done both personal training and group exercises classes here. I love both.

    Andrea P.
  • ★★★★★

    I have been working out to varying degrees for the past 20+ years. I have seen better results working out with Steve and Jeff for the past 10 months than I have ever seen. They are clearly very educated in fitness and know how to cater a workout to best fit your physical abilities/deficiencies. I have been dealing with knee and foot issues that i thought would inhibit me from working out. With Pike, i am able to both work on my fitness, and augment my physical therapy and work on the knee and foot issues. I can't speak highly enough of my experience working out at Pike Fitness. Wish i would have had the same experience for the last 20 years.

    Matt W.
  • ★★★★★

    My fiancé and I have been going to Pike Fitness since it opened in Hiddenbrooke. We have loved the convenience of the gym in our community paired with the thoughtful and friendly instruction from Steve and Jeff. These brothers are on a mission to share their fitness, health and well-being knowledge with others In a quest to help everyone achieve their optimal fitness potential. It doesn't matter whether you haven't lifted a weight in your life or if you've been working out and lifting for a long time, Jeff and Steve will make sure you get a great workout when you visit their gym. We have made some great progress already and I am excited to continue training at Pike Fitness to realize my true potential. Give these guys a try. If you live anywhere near Vallejo, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

    Carlos T.
  • ★★★★★

    I was anticipating the opening of this new fitness center this past summer since I wanted to re-start my healthy habits of exercising. Now, I workout 5-6 days a week and feel great! Their individual and group training sessions are outstanding as I have learned the right way to work on the weighted exercises (strength training) as well as move more efficiently during the conditioning sessions. I have done cross fit before and had injuries because of lack of attention caused by overcrowded classes! You definitely get individual attention from Steve and Jeff, the trainer-owners, as they guide you through the workouts. The facility is top notch so you have to check it out!

    Mimi F.
  • ★★★★★

    Steve is the real deal. I went to one of his bootcamps and it make me realize how out of shape I was. I tend to be a bit of a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but Steve made me realize that I wasn't doing things correctly. He's positive and encouraging and actually made me have the desire to keep working out.

    Mark Z.

This challenge is easy, the person with the most points wins! What makes our challenge at Pike Fitness® unique, is it is based on participation and process (coming to training, completing minutes of cardio, etc.) rather than outcomes (weight loss, inches, etc.). This will drive in positive lifestyle choices and allow you to focus on the best process, rather than potentially mess us the process chasing an unrealistic outcome.

3 winners. $2,250 in prizes

1st Prize – $1,000

2nd Prize – $750

3rd Prize – $500

*If there is a tie between two or more people, prizes will be split. Ex. If two people tied for 1st, prize money from 1st ($1000) and 2nd place ($750) would be added ($1750) and distributed equally to both winners ($875 ea). If two people tied for 3rd place, the total prize ($500) would be split and distributed to each winner ($250 ea). If four people tied for 1st, the grand total ($2,250) will be split and divided evenly between each winner ($562.5‬0 ea). Prize money will be awarded at the end of the challenge.
How to Earn Points

Category Max Points Possible Description
PT Points 36 Points Earn 2 points for coming in for your personal training sessions.
(2 points per day, max 6 per week)
Warm-Up Points 18 Points Earn a point for coming at least 5 minutes early to PT sessions to warm-up.
(1 point per day, max 3 per week)
Cardio Points 42 Points Earn 1 Point per day for coming in for the cardio or proving at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio via app screenshot.
(1 point per day, max 6 per week)
Stretch Points 18 Points Earn 1 Point per day for staying after personal training sessions to stretch for 10 minutes.
(1 point per day, max 3 per week)
Diet Log Points 10 Points Earn 5 Points for completing a 3-day diet log in its entirety.
(5 point per diet log, max 10 points or two logs per challenge)
Bonus Weekly Streak Points 12 Points Make all personal training sessions for the week for an additional 2 points.
(2 extra points per week)
Educational Classes 10 Points Come to educational classes on Sunday for an extra 2 points per class. Classes free for participants of the challenge.
(2 points per class)
146 Points Possible