Cardio Conditioning Group Exercise Classes

Boost Your Performance

› Decrease fat mass & body fat %

› Increase energy, calorie burn, & endurance

› Increased aerobic power (VO2 Max)

› Increase blood & plasma volume, and red blood cell volume

› Decrease blood pressure

› Decrease blood glucose levels

› Elevate muscle glycogen stores

› Increase capillary and mitochondria density

› Push back lactate threshold

30 Min. Cardio Classes - 5 Days / Week

Our classes are designed to give you the primary benefits of cardio training

› 30 minute workouts, 5 days per week

› Improve your chance of success with increased accountability

› Classes change style and intensity daily to promote further adaptations

› Led by certified trainers for coaching as needed and more safety

1 of 3 Pillars of Exercise Covered

› The three pillars of fitness required for total body health and fitness are Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility

› This class is born out of the need for our clients to get more cardio

› It is professionally designed for maximum benefits in a short period of time

› Completing these classes daily will meet or exceed your dose of cardiovascular exercise based on the ACSM’s and Surgeon General’s recommendations

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