Schedule Open Gym Workouts

Pike Fitness Personal Training Studio
8320 Bennington, Ct., Hiddenbrooke, Vallejo, CA. 94591
(707) 413-7453 ·

New Member Intake Forms

All members must have a waiver and informed consent on file. Upon signing up for a membership, our app will force the signature of both documents before you are able to book open gym workouts.

Additionally, the app will request CAD Risk and Exercise Readiness Questionnaire. We may require a medical clearance form prior to training if you are flagged for high risk.

Scheduling / Canceling / No-Shows and Late Cancels

Scheduling / Cancelling

Appointments must be scheduled or canceled at least 1 hour in advance, using the MINDBODY app or our website. We do not schedule or cancel appointments via email, text or phone for any solo workouts.

Please cancel appointments you cannot make at least 60 minutes in advance to open up the schedule to others and to prevent no-show fees.

No Shows / Failing to Cancel

If you cannot show up for an appointment that you’ve previously scheduled and fail to cancel within the 60 minute cancellation window, you will be charged $5 per occurrence to your account or card on file. No walk-in sessions are permitted. All visits must be reserved.

No Reservation Arrivals

We ask all members schedule their arrivals at least one hour ahead. Failing to RSVP in advance prevents us from controlling the flow of exercisers. We have a penalty of $5 per occurrence that you are taking a spot at the studio without a reservation. This fee is charged to your account or card on file immediately after you’re added to our schedule. This reservation policy applies to taking a spot after you’ve finished a scheduled appointment as well as to showing up without an appointment for that day.

Extra Time / Workout Time Caps

In an effort to keep the studio flowing smoothly and prevent congestion, we ask all members to have all time spent at the studio be reserved. Please only reserve the time you will use, and do not stay over or arrive too late.

Please Respect Rules

Our scheduling policies are in place for a reason. They allow us to limit our occupancy and prevent crowds. Not only does this allow us to stay open safely, but also provides additional value to our patrons. Please respect our scheduling policies and do not arrive early or stay later than your scheduled work time. If you are early to the gym, please consider an outdoor warm-up.

Gym Rules

Every user of the facility, whether member or not, must obey the following rules or risk suspension/termination of account and/or be asked to exit the facility without refund.

  1. Treat the facility, the equipment, and other members and staff with the utmost respect. Obey all verbal instructions by staff.
  2. All equipment must be sprayed, wiped clean, and returned to its proper place after use.
  3. Do not drop or slam dumbbells or weight stacks on the cable machines. Lower quietly and safely.
  4. Do not come to the gym if you have symptoms of any communicable disease such as a cold or flu.
  5. With the exception of water in closed bottles, no food or drink is allowed on the gym floor.
  6. Do not remove any equipment or Gym property from the premises.
  7. Share equipment with other guests and members upon request. Cardio equipment use is limited to 30 minutes at a time unless nobody else is waiting to use it.
  8. Please do not use perfume or cologne before coming into the gym. Please aim for neutral smell.
  9. Please avoid touching the walls for stretching. Please use the racks and machines to stretch on.
  10. Don’t be obnoxiously loud. Avoid inappropriate or foul language. If you’re listening to your own music, you must wear headphones.
Gym Capacity/Total Occupancy Limitations

We have limited the total occupancy of exercisers to prevent crowding. Occupancy limitations may vary. Members may book reservations on a first come, first serve basis, and visit by appointment only. Pike Fitness reserves the right to deny access to members if the facility reaches capacity.

Cleaning Expectations

In an effort to keep our facility clean, safe, and open, we kindly request each and every user of our facility take a few moments to spray and wipe down all equipment after each use to prevent spread of infectious disease and prevent sweat and residue from accumulating and breaking down the equipment. You should expect to have clean equipment, so please help us ensure the next guest also has clean equipment. We pride ourselves in providing a very clean environment, but it takes the village to keep it up during peak hours.

Please wash your hands upon entering, and DO NOT come in to our studio if you are experiencing ANY cold or flu symptoms.