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We provide personalized 1-on-1 fitness training in our 24hr access facility, and online workout plans to help you fulfill your potential.
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Are you looking for a truly personalized training experience? Before stepping out onto the gym floor, we’ll sit down to discuss your goals and training history in-depth. Next, we’ll assess your current health, movement quality, and physical capacity. By fully understanding your needs we can tailor the best possible training program for you. Once you start training, the sky’s the limit. Schedule your free consultation to experience the difference at Pike Fitness.

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We are your unwavering support system. Our experienced trainers provide expert guidance, ensuring your progress every step of the way. We hold you accountable to your goals, celebrate your achievements and help you overcome obstacles. With us by your side, you will achieve the greatest fitness of your life.


You can count on us to keep you moving forward.

Welcome to Pike Fitness, where your most ambitious fitness goals become reality. Our priority is helping you achieve long term success through education and lifestyle change When you train with us you’ll get world-class resistance and cardio training, in a clean, safe and welcoming atmosphere. On top of that, you’ll learn the skills you need to train effectively for the rest of your life. Start training, and discover the difference.

World Class Personal Training

World Class Personal Training

Experience unparalleled focus with workouts designed exclusively for you. Your dedicated Personal Trainer will ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy while helping you achieve your fitness goals. You’ll benefit from real-time feedback while we guide you through expertly selected exercises in a 1-on-1 setting.

State of the Art Facility

State of the Art Facility

Our facility is meticulously curated to feature the most effective equipment, prioritizing the essential elements for optimal results. By eliminating unnecessary machines, we maintain a spacious layout that is clutter-free and perfectly suited for a wide range of high-performance training.

Evidence Based Workout Plans

Evidence Based Workout Plans

We’ll guide you whether you train at our facility, or thousands of miles away. Our programs are backed by decades of research in exercise science and available on a web based app. Achieve new personal bests, overcome plateaus, and experience the most effective workouts of your life; all while avoiding over-training injuries and other common training pitfalls.

Move Better.
Live Better.

While some gyms prioritize the way you look, we are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life. Our core focus revolves around improving functional movement patterns, fostering strength and endurance, and optimizing your health through transformative habit changes.

What people are saying

Matt W.

I have been working out to varying degrees for the past 20+ years.  I have seen better results working out with Steve and Jeff for the past 10 months than I have ever seen.  They are clearly very educated in fitness and know how to cater a workout to best fit your physical abilities/deficiencies.

Train and Learn

Knowledge is power, and we’re committed to sharing ours with you. One of the most important things you’ll gain from us is a deeper understanding of your body and exercise. You’ll learn specialized training techniques that will help free you from physical limitations and help you continually improve your fitness for the rest of your life.

What people are saying

Andrea P.

“This is hands-down my favorite gym ever. The trainers are amazing. They keep an eye on everyone’s form through the whole workout. They keep those working out motivated to do their best. They have used their smaller space well and have a variety of equipment. I’ve done both personal training and group exercises classes here. I love both.”

Grow Younger

Age is only a number. As functional aging specialists, we empower you to turn back the dial on your biological clock. You’ll build more resilient joints, improve mobility and balance, and add power to your movement patterns. If you feel limited by prior injuries or medical conditions, we can work around them to restore your body to its youthful state. Embrace a life of meaningful pursuits, and start training today!

What people are saying

Kerri M.

“Jeff has worked with me to improve my overall well being to prevent further bone loss and improve my muscles to avoid potential falls and the need to take medications for osteoporosis. He has me doing exercises I stopped doing years ago because of knee pain which, as it turns out, I should not have stopped. I am totally amazed that I can do the moves I am doing after 30 years!”

Take your program wherever you go.

Gyms normally give you a place to train, and leave it at that. We take your fitness to the next level using a leading-edge training software developed for professional athletes. Workouts can be completed here at the Pike Fitness studio, or anywhere else your life might take you. Now you never have to miss a beat.

Available on smartphones, tablets, and desktop

Video demonstrations for all exercises

Record results and track progress over time

Show off your personal records in a live leaderboard


Our certifications

National Personal Training Institute of Colorado
Functional Movement Systems