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We’re excited to get you in! A staff member will reach out shortly to schedule a walk-through and on-boarding session. In the mean time, please complete the following steps to save some time later. You may choose to close this out and complete the sign up process in person or over the phone if you’d like.

If you are a new customer, please “Create Profile” on Mindbody. You will use this login for all reservations and to access your account in the future.


We use MINDBODY for online scheduling and payment processing.

Learn about our scheduling rules

  • All visits are by appointment only
    • This helps us prevent overcrowding gives us the ability to close for special events, classes, cleaning, filming, etc. if needed.
  • Please keep your visit within your booked time only. Book more time if needed.
  • You can book 30, 60, or 90 minute appointments on each 15 minute interval at any time up to the minute of the appointment start time.
  • If you cannot make an appointment, please cancel it to prevent no shows and to keep the time slot open for others.
  • Arriving without a reservation or no-showing an appointment may result in a $5 charge per occurrence.
  • We do not accept reservations for open gym or classes via text or phone call. Please use the app.

Learn about how to use the app

  • Find us and favorite us (♥) by searching for Pike Fitness in Vallejo, CA.
  • To schedule a workout, click on our logo. You’ll see two tabs – Classes and Appointments. Click Appointments > Open Gym Workout.
  • Choose the length of time you’d like to visit, then any staff (no difference for the options). Next choose your time and finally “Complete Booking”
  • If you have a membership and it asks you to pay for the workout, please let us know! You may have a duplicate account or other account issue.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, click on your profile at the bottom of the app. There you will find settings, schedule, passes. Under schedule you’ll see your upcoming and past appointments. Cancel the time you cannot attend.
  • If you have any problems or questions about the booking process, please let us know. We are happy to assist.


We use Facilikey for 24/7 facility access for our members. Please note we must manually activate your account, so you will not immediately have access to the app or our facility until we contact you.

How to use door app

Wen arriving to the gym, open the Facilikey App and press “locations.” Then press “Hold to Unlock.” You will have 5 seconds to enter the building.

  • Never leave the facility without your phone, you may not be able to get it back!
  • Keep your app open in case of emergency, and in emergency use the “Emergency” button in the app to assist in dispatching 911 services.
  • Do not bring unregistered guests without management approval. Doing so will result in a $100 fine per occurrence for the increased liability, and may lead to permanent revocation of membership and access.

Most Important Rules:

  1. Treat all people and the equipment with respect.
  2. Be safe, use equipment as its intended for, and assume your visit is unsupervised and nobody will be there to spot you.
  3.  Clean up after yourself
    • Spray and wipe all equipment used (except barbells)
    • Please return any items to their original place
  4. Do not bring unregistered guests
  5. Do not visit with symptoms of any communicable disease
  6. Keep your Facilikey app (door access app) open in case of emergency


Reservation and Access Rules:

  1. All visits must be reserved ahead of time through the Mindbody app. Please limit your workout to fit within your reserved time.
    • Please be mindful of your scheduled reservation, and if you arrive early and see anyone else in the gym, please wait for your start time to begin your workout.
    • Do not stay later than the appointment end time. Please book additional time if needed. Unreserved visits and no-shows will be subject to a $5 fee for each instance.
  2. Front door must be closed and secured upon entry and exit. Double check that the door has fully closed when you exit. Do not open the back or side doors—they are to always remain closed unless employees are present.
  3. Do not allow facility access to any person without permission of management; this includes bringing guests, holding the door open for other members or non-members, and opening the door from the inside. Allowing access to unregistered guests will result in a $100 fee charged immediately to your card on file and possible termination of your account due to the risk is poses to the facility and other members.
  4. The training facility is not a suitable environment for children. Do not bring or otherwise allow a person younger than the age of 18 to access the facility without permission of management. If management grants access to any minor, a parent or guardian must be present at all times and additional rules may apply.
  5. If you cause any damage to the facility or equipment, you will be held liable for repairs or replacement. You will also be held liable for damages caused by any unregistered guest who you allow access to, or any minor under your supervision.
  6. If any injuries are caused by you, an unregistered guest you allowed access to, or a minor under your supervision, you will be held liable for said injuries.
  7. No equipment shall be taken from the facility. Any item removed from the premises will be treated as theft and handled accordingly.
  8. We may occasionally limit hours or close the facility at any time and for any reason. For short term members, we will try to notify you at our earliest convenience if such closure will be made during your membership term.
  9. Off-limits areas:
    • Do not enter the area behind the front desk unless you are in need of the AED or first aid box.
    • Do not open or attempt to access any storage cabinet or closet.
    • The back patio is off limits to members and guests (rear door locks automatically upon exit, and gates on either end are locked, preventing exit).
    • Do not obstruct areas marked with black and white striped tape. These are high traffic areas and must be clear of people and equipment/gear.
  10. Lights turn on and off automatically. No need to touch light switches.


Gym Safety Rules:

  1. Assume your visit will be unsupervised. Please be safe, and stay focused while exercising. Maintain proper form and technique at all times. If you are unsure of how to operate any piece of equipment or perform a given exercise, do not attempt to do so without first seeking a Pike Fitness trainer.
  2. Members who are alone in the gym should keep their phone nearby with the FaciliKey app open in order to use the 911 feature if required. In an emergency, press the button to assist you in calling 911.
  3. If you or any other guest in the facility experiences a medical emergency, dial 911 immediately to dispatch emergency medical services.
  4. No person exhibiting symptoms of a communicable disease such as a cold or flu is permitted within the facility.
  5. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the facility at any time. No smoking/vaping is permitted.
  6. Inspect all equipment prior to use to ensure it is functioning properly and in good working order. If any equipment appears to be damaged or functioning improperly, please refrain from use and notify management.
  7. Inspect your surroundings to make sure equipment and weights are not obstructing your intended exercise or that of any other guest.
  8. If you are lifting a weight you may fail on, it is your responsibility to know how to safely miss the lift. Use proper safety equipment when possible, and if you ask someone for a spot, communicate with them prior to the lift so that you both know what to expect.


Gym Etiquette Rules:

  1. Any food or drink items taken must be signed for at the time of purchase on the sheet on the refrigerator. Failure to report is considered stealing and will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. Treat the facility, the equipment, and other members and staff with the utmost respect. Obey all verbal and written instructions by staff and management.
  3. All equipment must be sprayed, wiped clean, and returned to its proper place after use.
  4. Do not drop or slam dumbbells or weight stacks on the cable machines. Lower quietly and safely.
  5. Except for water in closed bottles, no food or drink is allowed on the gym floor.
  6. Do not remove any equipment or gym property from the premises.
  7. Share equipment with other guests and members upon request. Cardio equipment use is limited to 30 minutes at a time unless nobody else is waiting to use it.
  8. Please avoid touching the walls. If stretching, please use the racks and machines.
  9. Keep feet off yoga and stretch mats. Pressure at end of mats wears down material prematurely.
  10. Don’t be obnoxiously loud. Avoid yelling or using inappropriate language. Please avoid polarizing or divisive topics in conversation. If you’re listening to your own music, you must wear headphones. Please don’t change the volume on the gym speakers.
  11. Dress Code:

Don’t wear anything overly offensive, revealing, or intimidating.

    • Shirts must be worn at all times.
    • No jeans or pants with buttons.
    • Guests must wear closed-toe shoes unless barefoot. Flip flops can cause trip hazard.
    • Please do not use perfume or cologne before coming into the gym. Please aim for neutral smell.


Rule Violations and Additional Fee Schedule:

  1. Failure to adhere to any rule listed may at management discretion lead to immediate expulsion of studio and possible termination of gym membership, or will result in the following:
    • 1st Violation: Verbal Warning
    • 2nd Violation: $25 fee immediately charged to card on file
    • 3rd Violation: $50 fee immediately charged to card on file
  2. Additional Violations of these rules will result in additional $50 fines or will result in revocation of 24/7 FaciliKey access and may result in termination of gym membership, which may include early termination fee if under contract.
  3. Unreserved visits and no-shows will be subject to a $5 fee for each instance. Reserve ahead of time through the Mindbody app.
  4. Allowing access to unregistered guests will result in a $100 fee per person per instance charged immediately to your card on file and possible termination of your account.
  • The lights are automatic, and for your safety and the safety of others, we ask you do not turn them off especially at night.
  • Gym towels are available in the bathroom free of charge. Please drop off near front desk when you are done.
  • Clean R/O hot and cold water are available at the front of the gym. Cups are also available, but please help us reduce waste by bringing a water bottle if possible, or by only using one cup during your visit.
  • Please feel free to use the A/C and heater if needed, but if you turn it on, please turn it off before you leave.
  • For music, just power on the amp, and find your favorite Spotify station on the iPad. Please do not turn the volume up too loud or touch the subwoofer.
  • Be safe and enjoy your workout! If you need anything or need to report a mess, or any other problem, please let us know!

Pike Fitness
8320 Bennington Ct., Vallejo, CA. 94591
(707) 413-7453

(text is best – message will hit both owners cell phones.)

If you need to contact one of the owners or trainers, you can find their business cards at the front desk.