Personal Training Membership Agreement

Parties: Personal training agreements are entered into between Pike Fitness, and the primary account holder and purchaser. By purchasing a personal training membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions herein. You may enter this agreement on behalf of another party who uses training services, but in that case, you shall be the primary account holder and shall be responsible for the 3rd party, and all terms below shall be applicable to both you and that 3rd party.

Term: This agreement is for 3 months of personal training on a predetermined weekly frequency and time(s) (frequency and session duration outlined in “Service Agreement” at the end of this agreement). Purchase guarantees a recurring spot in the trainer’s schedule and includes a personalized workout program and unlimited “Open Gym” access at Pike Fitness for the duration of the contract term.

Scope of Work: Personal training is a service that consists of 1-on-1 sessions with a trainer, which may be conducted in person or online via a video meeting platform. During personal training sessions, your trainer may perform health and fitness assessments, offer guidance on lifestyle, nutrition, and behavior modification, lead you through workouts, and review workouts to be completed independently. The specific services provided may include a combination of the above and will be determined by your trainer to best meet your training needs. These services may include corrective or preventive exercises, aerobic workouts, strength training, flexibility training, and self-myofascial rolling.

  • Limitations: Personal training is limited in scope. Unless your trainer holds relevant licenses, they are prohibited from diagnosing or treating injuries or medical conditions, providing detailed nutritional plans, performing soft tissue therapy such as massage or acupressure/acupuncture, conducting manual chiropractic adjustments, prescribing, or recommending medications (even over the counter), and suggesting nutritional supplements. Personal training is not a substitute for medical care, and discussions on these topics should not be considered medical advice, prescription, or recommendation. Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program or making lifestyle changes that may affect your health.
  • Additional Services: Some services offered by Pike Fitness, such as group exercise and educational seminars, may have separate pricing and are not included in your purchase unless specified. The exact services offered in your contract will be outlined on the final page of the agreement under “Service Agreement.”
  • Personalized Workout Programs: This agreement includes personalized workout programing for the duration of the contract term. Programs may be delivered on paper, or electronically via text, email or workout application. You agree to complete all prescribed workouts to the best of your ability and make efforts to communicate with your trainer or Pike Fitness if you require updates or modifications to the programming. Please understand that programming takes time, and any requests may take up to a week to complete, but we will try to address your needs as soon as possible. Failure to complete prescribed workouts may result in a delay of program updates and/or no workouts being current in your workout calendar.

Health Status: By engaging in training at Pike Fitness, you confirm that you are in good health or have obtained medical clearance from a licensed physician. Whether or not you have consulted your physician or obtained appropriate medical approval, you accept the inherent risks associated with fitness training. In the event of any changes in your health status, kindly notify Pike Fitness. We may require medical clearance if you are at an elevated risk of injury from musculoskeletal, metabolic, or cardiovascular disease.

Billing: Upon signing, your first monthly payment will be charged to your card on file. Subsequent monthly payments will be automatically charged to your card on file or bank account via ACH transaction monthly, beginning one month after the date of the initial payment. Current account balances and receipts for any purchases made may be provided upon request or found in your account at

  • Failed Auto Payments: Our system will automatically notify both parties of declined autopayment transactions and attempt to collect the payment again 24 hours later. If after 24 hours, your card is still declined, you will be charged a $20 fee and your full payment will be converted into a negative account balance. We may attempt to collect payment at any time for up to 7 days after the due date. If after 7 days your account balance is not paid in full, and you have not made other arrangements for payment, your account and/or contract may be terminated. All sessions will be cancelled, gym access revoked, and you will be charged a $180 Contract Break Fee.

Scheduling: Appointment schedule will be agreed upon prior to signing this agreement, and both parties are responsible for fulfilling their scheduled obligation. Trainer availability is guaranteed only for day(s), time(s), and session duration initially agreed upon, and no additional availability can be guaranteed. Additionally, we may cancel sessions at any time subject to our Trainer Breaks clause below.

  • Appointment Length: The duration of each session will be agreed upon at the time of contract signing. Appointments will begin and end promptly at their scheduled times. If you arrive late to a scheduled appointment, the session will still conclude at the scheduled end time, guaranteeing only the remaining duration.
  • Appointment Frequency: Your membership will be charged monthly, but the entire three-month period of sessions will appear in your account (weekly training frequency x 12 weeks). This membership is intended to be used on a set weekly frequency and set schedule, but as a courtesy to our clients, the sessions may be rescheduled (see Appointment Rescheduling below). To prevent overuse, we have a weekly cap on sessions limited to your weekly frequency plus one, and once all sessions are used, we may pause training without affecting your regularly scheduled billing.
  • No-shows: If you are 15 minutes late or more without notice, the appointment will be marked as a no-show and will be forfeited. Additionally, each no-show is subject to a $10 no show fee per occurrence and limited to three (3) per agreement term See “Excessive No-Shows” under Termination clause below.
  • Cancellations: If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, you must cancel the session to prevent a no-show. Sessions are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel prior to the 24-hour window, the session may be available for rescheduling, subject to rescheduling policy below. If you fail to cancel an appointment prior to the 24-hour window, the session will be forfeited and may not be made up with a reschedule.
  • Appointment Rescheduling: Early cancelled appointments may be available for rescheduling. Rescheduling is dependent on the availability of the training staff and is not guaranteed. No rescheduling is available for no-shows or late cancels. If we are unable to reschedule a session, the session will be forfeited, your schedule will resume as normal, and no additional fees will apply.
    • Free Rescheduling: You may be able to reschedule an appointment free of charge if you do so yourself via the scheduling tool at or via the Pike Fitness app, at least 24 hours in advance. Rescheduling is limited to one extra session weekly, so if you train 3 days per week and miss a week, you’ll be able to reschedule those sessions over the course of at least 3 weeks.
    • Charged Rescheduling: If no times are available in the app, or if what times are available are outside of your weekly frequency cap, we may be able to help set you up in a non-listed time or move our schedule around to fit you in. Please contact us to see if additional times may be available. If we manually help you reschedule an appointment, a $10 rescheduling fee will be charged to your card on file per occurrence upon accepting and confirming the rescheduled time.
    • Trainer Requested Rescheduling: Your trainer may request a reschedule at any time prior to your appointment. Such changes will not affect your account and will be your choice whether to agree to a schedule change or not. If we must modify or cancel your appointment and cannot find a substitute or reschedule with you, your billing will be reduced. (see Payment Adjustment clause)
  • Requesting Schedule Changes: Any schedule changes must be made at least 24 hours in advance, either through the scheduling tool at, our Pike Fitness app, or by contacting Pike Fitness via call, text or email: (707) 413-7453 | Requests must include your name, your trainer’s name, and the original appointment date and time. Please include your preferred reschedule time(s) and date(s). If you call and don’t reach us, please leave a voicemail.
  • Long-Term Absence: If you cannot attend in-person training for any reason, your scheduled appointments must be completed virtually, gifted to a friend or family member, or rescheduled in accordance with our rescheduling policy. Whether or not you attend your training sessions, you will still have access to your workout program and guidance from your trainer, and your time will be reserved for the duration of your absence. If it makes more sense for you to terminate your contract, the early termination policy will apply as outlined below. See Termination
  • Permanent Schedule Changes: Permanent schedule changes may be made free of charge if both parties are available, so long as the new schedule matches the weekly frequency and session duration initially agreed upon at the signing of your contract. By permanently changing your schedule, you are forfeiting your original appointment time(s). If you are not available to fulfil your initially agreed upon schedule, and we are not available for rescheduling, then we may cancel this contract and you will be charged a $180 contract break fee.
  • Missed Appointments: You will be billed as originally agreed upon regardless of whether you attend your scheduled appointments. Missed sessions will not roll over and cannot be saved for later use unless rescheduled as outlined above.
  • Trainer Breaks: During your three-month term, your trainer is allotted a limited number of days off. These “Trainer Breaks” have been factored into the cost of training and will not affect your monthly payments. The number of Trainer Breaks is equal to your weekly personal training frequency. Example: If you are signed up for three (3) weekly training sessions, your trainer will be allotted three (3) Trainer Breaks over the course of the 3-month contract. Trainer Breaks will not roll over and will expire at the end of the contract term. You may see the remaining trainer breaks in your Pike Fitness app account, along with their expiration which should coincide with your contract renewal date.
    • If your trainer needs to schedule time off, they will notify you at their earliest convenience, and a trainer break will be exchanged for the session if available.
    • If a Trainer Break is scheduled, the original session cannot be rescheduled. No trainer will be present during Trainer Breaks, but you are welcomed and encouraged to use the facility unsupervised.
    • If after all trainer breaks have been used and your trainer misses further sessions, we will try to make up the session with you later or credit your account proportional to the value of sessions canceled by your trainer. (see Payment Adjustment clause below)

Payment Adjustments: If we fail to deliver training as outlined above in our Schedule clause, your account will be credited as follows.

Account Credit = (Monthly Payment / PT Frequency) * Number of Missed Sessions

Trainer Levels: Pike Fitness offers a range of trainer levels that align with the training staff’s qualifications, experience, and education. Your training fees are based on your trainer’s level at the contract signing. If your trainer advances to a higher level during your three-month term, your current contract will remain unchanged, but will not be automatically renewed. If you wish to continue with your current trainer after they advance a level, your rate will be adjusted to reflect their new level when signing a new contract.

Substitute Trainers: If your regular trainer is unavailable, a substitute trainer of any trainer level may facilitate training sessions without notice. Substitute trainers may also be assigned for rescheduled appointments. The trainer level of your substitute trainer will not affect your account or billing.

Trainer Tardiness: At Pike Fitness, we value your time and understand the importance of adhering to schedules, which is a fundamental part of the service in which you are investing. We are dedicated to ensuring that your trainer is well-prepared and punctual for your sessions. In the event your trainer is not present at the scheduled start time, we encourage you to initiate your workout. If you are uncertain about what exercises to perform, feel free to continue with additional cardio. In cases where your trainer consistently arrives more than 5 minutes late, we are committed to addressing the situation and making it right. If your trainer is frequently tardy for appointments or if you believe there are any issues affecting the smooth scheduling of your sessions,  please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Your satisfaction is our priority.

Guest Visits: You are entitled to bring one guest to training, but that guest must sign all necessary paperwork and purchase a day pass or possess a gym membership with Pike Fitness. If you plan to bring a guest, you must provide your trainer notice at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled session.

Communication: We attempt to give our clients 100% of our attention during appointments, so we do not take phone calls, emails, or text messages during appointments. Please expect up to a 24-hour communication delay in responding to your messages.

24-Hour Open Gym Access: Your membership comes with 24-hour facility access by appointment. Personal training appointments are managed by your trainer, but you are responsible for managing all other appointments including open gym visits via our training app or at Open gym visits much be reserved and cancelled if unable to attend. We may occasionally restrict access and modify available times for maintenance, special events, classes, etc. Staff may not always be present, so expect any visit outside of personal training to be unsupervised.

Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, any staff present will call 911 and may render aid such as first aid, CPR, or AED. When no staff is present, and in the event of an emergency with you or another member, please contact emergency services. You must keep your phone nearby in case of emergency. If you’re having difficulty accessing the facility for any reason, please reach out to us via text message at any time, 24/7 by messaging (707) 413-7453.

Gym Rules: You agree to follow all posted rules. Breaking rules may result in immediate removal from the studio and/or revocation of membership with or without written notice, subject to early termination fees if applicable.

Gym Equipment Usage: You agree to use gym equipment only as it is designed to be used for the purpose of fitness training and will only perform exercises that you know how to execute properly. If you are unsure how to execute a movement or exercise, you must seek professional guidance by Pike Fitness trainers prior to engaging in that activity. If you are seen using equipment improperly or attempting a movement with poor technique, we may require you to cease said movement immediately.

Automatic Renewal: Unless no changes have been made to your trainer’s availability, level, or our pricing, your contract will be automatically renewed at the end of the three-month period, and no changes will be made to your training or billing schedule. If you do not wish to renew your contract, please follow the steps below under the “Termination” clause.

Pre-Existing Account Balances: If you have any unused sessions purchased prior to the signing of this contract, you may opt to apply the value of the unused sessions towards your new contract or may keep the sessions for later use (subject to original expiration).

Termination: Pike Fitness may terminate or revoke this agreement at any time for any reason with or without notice. You may terminate this agreement at any time by providing notice in the form of a written letter to Pike Fitness, 8320 Bennington Ct. Vallejo, CA 94591, or by email to

  • End of Term: If you would like to stop training at the end of your term, you must provide written notice at least 14 days prior to the end of your term. Failure to notify us in a timely manner will result in renewal of the contract or an early termination fee.
  • Early Termination: If you wish to terminate this agreement prior to the end of the 3-month term, you will be charged a $180 Contract Break Fee immediately to your card on file. Any remaining scheduled sessions will be canceled, and your gym membership will be terminated. Any services or account balance not associated with this contract will not be affected. No refunds will be granted unless the contract is canceled within 5 days of signing this Agreement. Terminations after the fifth day will be subject to the Contract Break Fee.
  • Excessive Noshows: If you no-show three times within the contract period, we will terminate this contract and you will be charged a $180 early termination fee, any remaining scheduled sessions will be canceled, and your gym membership will be terminated.

Price Changes: If our prices are updated during the 3-month term or your trainer advances to a new level, your account balance and billing will not be affected. Your consent will be required prior to renewal.

Trainer Termination: If your trainer cannot fulfill their obligation and must stop training for any reason, the following actions will be taken in order.

  • We may suspend the contract and billing for the duration of the trainer’s absence, to be resumed as soon as they are available.
  • If your trainer is permanently unavailable, we will attempt to arrange an alternate trainer.
  • If, after one month, we are unable to arrange an alternate trainer, we will issue a refund for any pre-paid sessions that could not be used, terminate your contract with no charge, and cancel any future sessions. Depending on the account balance remaining, we may issue refunds in installments via check to your address on file until the account balance is 0.

Force Majeure: We reserve the right to cancel sessions or close the facility with or without notice for any reason, including inclement weather, inability to travel to a session, danger due to air quality, fire, war, famine, government intervention, or any other factor out of our control.

Payment Information Storage: You grant permission for Pike Fitness to store credit card, banking, and billing information in a third-party PCI DSS compliant merchant processing company of our choice and charge your account for any services or fees associated to your account.


Service Agreement

You are entering into an agreement with Pike Fitness for three (3) months of personal training services scheduled on a frequency of ______(1-4 sessions) times per week, at ______(30 or 60 min.) minutes per session. Your account will be credited your weekly frequency sessions multiplied by 12 weeks for use within the 3 month term. Monthly payments will be due on each purchase date each month thereafter until cancelled. Your trainer will be granted trainer breaks equal in number to the amount of sessions weekly, once per three-month period. These trainer breaks may be used any time but will expire at the end of the current contract period. This contract will automatically renew every 3 months until canceled.

By participating in personal training at Pike Fitness, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined in the Personal Training Membership Agreement and Service Agreement.