Standing Long Jump
Normative Values Calculator

See how your standing long jump distance compares to elite athletes.

The Standing Long Jump has long been used as an assessment of explosive power in the lower body. It is easy to administer and requires very little equipment, making it a staple assessment for athletic teams around the world.

Created by Jeff Burmann, NSCA-CPT


Explosive Power and Strength by Donald A Chu, 1996 Human Kinetics

Note: Originally we were referencing NSCA’s Essentials of Strength and Conditioning, Third Edition, page 279, but noticed the 90% rank cut off was 148 inches for males, 1.75 inches further than the world record. The book referenced another book which we happen to have, Norms for Fitness, Performance, and Health by Jay Hoffman and used the same data. In Hoffmans book however, he referenced Donald Chu’s work, which places the 100% as the world record which of coarse makes sense.