Is the 30 minutes weekly session enough in the Guided Membership?


Our Guided Membership is designed to help with some accountability and a lot of help on the programming end to ensure good progress. It is not however enough to make any significant progress towards your health and fitness goals if you are only coming to the personal training sessions and not training on your own. You must be actively completing homework sessions and actively communicating with your trainer to get the most out of this membership. If you do all the homework and develop a good working relationship with your trainer however, we have seen people get better results with this membership than those who spend 2-3x more for more regular personal training because dedicated Guided Members may be coming more regularly than those who do 1-on-1 personal training 2-3x week as their only training program.

The training sessions in the Guided Membership may include some workouts, but are more so focused on the following:

  • fitness education and learning proper technique for new exercises
  • Overview of new fitness plans
  • Discussing best next steps
  • Fitness testings
  • Nutritional guidance
  • and any other things dealing with the professional guidance towards your fitness goals.
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