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  • I had never done kettlebell's before this, and they were SUPER helpful - I didn't feel intimidated at all! They stressed the importance of having correct form, rather than rushing me through motions so they could get a work out. ANNNND they explain WHY you need to move in specific ways in order to get the best, safest workout. Once I get done with marathon season, I will definitely be back!

    Courtney S.
  • I've gone to a few boot camp classes and I'm currently doing personal training with Steve. For the boot camp, the guys do a good job of mixing it up and I always leave feeling like I got a good workout. With Steve I'm learning how to use Kettlebells. At first I wasn't so sure how I would like using them, but they are definitely growing on me. What I really like about Kettlebells, besides the full body workout, is we can use them outside!! As for Steve, he's really good about helping me to start with good form and to build strength where I need to BEFORE I start any advanced movements/swings. I give these guys four stars for providing a good and fun workout!

    Brook S.
  • I have never heard of kettlebell before and I was excited to learn. My friend recommend SFKC.  The trainers were very helpful and knew what they were doing. The day after my workout I was so sore but it was such a great workout that I still came back the next week. Each workout is different so you never get bored and I like that.

    Ashley G.
  • Steve makes bootcamp FUN!!  We are lucky enough to have Steve come to our office 3 times a week to kick our butts :)  I would highly recommend Steve and his brother Jeff to anyone who is looking for a great workout!!

    Rene H.
  • They look a little crazy, but kettlebelling is a blast.  Working out with kettlebells requires one to work several muscles simultaneously.   The great part about it, is that  the moves are fluid, so your muscles work without the impact/jarring of traditional weightlifting.  And, whoa, will you strengthen your core!  It looks scary at first, but after a few classes, you'll be swinging like a pro.  It's really the perfect blend of an aerobic and strength workout.  Over time you'll also improve your balance, flexibility and coordination.  One workout, and you'll be hooked.  Try a couple of classes and see for yourself!

    Linda O.
  • My awesome company has facilitated office boot camp 3 times a week with Steve.  He kicks our butts but takes the time to show us how to do each exercise and to make sure we are doing it right.  I am finally getting my abs back after a c-section--Yay!!

    Mamamo M.
  • Bootcamp is a new animal and in the beginning it kicked my butt. Our office does an outside workout 3 x a week which I do 2 x a week mostly with Steve.  He is good at varying the routing and explaining the "WHY?" behind the moves we do.  I hate running but I do it. Something about seeing everyone else do it motivates me to do things I'd never do at home.  The routines are never boring, always something different except for the squats and push ups...they seem to work themselves into each class.  I'm 7 weeks in and I've lost about on inch, not much but once you are over 40 it's hard to lose anything so I'm hopeful!  I couldn't have done this without the group. We've become closer as an office as we struggle through class and we pump each other up! It is awesome.  I'm not sure how we will do this in the rain, but I bet Steve will have some great ideas.  You rock!

    Rae G.
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