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Periodized for Extraordinary Results

Periodization keeps your workouts from becoming stagnant. During the program, you’ll cycle between 3 training goals which change each month. Over time, your exercises will continue to progress and evolve; making you incredibly fit and well rounded.

Cultivate Epic Endurance

Cultivate Epic Endurance

Go further, last longer, and work harder without fatigue. You’ll condition your body to endure extended bouts of activity by using light loads for long and grueling sets. Prepare to feel the burn.

Build a Legendary Physique

Build a Legendary Physique

Sculpt your physique, and pack on serious lean mass. You’ll train with techniques that prime your muscles for maximum growth, turning your body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine.

Develop Heroic Strength

Develop Heroic Strength

Unleash your inner force, and shatter personal records. By training with near maximal loads, you’ll develop incredible strength and power. Dig deep, and test the limits of your potential.


  • A clean bill of health
  • Smart phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection
  • Stopwatch or interval timer
  • Gym membership, or access to full set of exercise equipment:
    • Olympic barbell & full set of plates
    • Dumbbell set (or selectorized dumbbells)
    • Weight benches (flat, incline, and decline)
    • Squat stand, rack, or power rack
    • Selectorized lat pull down machine
    • Selectorized cable crossover machine
    • Pull-up bar
    • Dip bars

Our programs are designed by trainers who are proudly certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association . You can count on the highest standards of balanced training, safety, and effectiveness.