Personal Training vs. Self Directed Exercise or Group Exercise


Personal training is completely personalized fitness training. Unlike other exercise programs, the foundation of a good personal training program is a workout plan that is designed by a professional, specifically to meet your needs. Whether you train alone or with one or two friends, you’ll follow a prescribed exercise plan which will be closely monitored by your trainer to ensure success.

Group exercise is great for many reasons, but there are several drawbacks including; non-personalized workouts, improper progressions, possible bad form left unchecked. If you’re ever unsure of anything in group exercise, be sure to speak to the trainer before or after class and consider a personal training session to overview what you need help with.

Self-directed exercise is great for those who are motivated. Many people see a trainer simply for accountability, which is a wonderful benefit. If you’re motivated to train on your own, great! Be sure to have a professional ringside however to be sure you’re following the best program to avoid common pitfalls, plateaus and injuries. You never know what you may be missing if you don’t speak up and ask questions if going alone.

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